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The Life of a Photographer

A poem by Dean Thorpe

A normal person sees a storm,
thinks NOPE and turns away…
A photographer sees that same storm,
and turns the camera toward it for the day…
Off into the storms we go,
into the wind,
the cold,
the snow..
To capture images of lands
we have yet come to know…
Finger on the shutter,
Peering through the lens,
Out in the elements,
the day we spend…
At the top of the mountain,
defiantly we stand,
Staring off into the distance,
with camera in hand…
You may ask yourself.?.
Why we do such things,
like brave these grave elements...
Just to photograph the snow.?.
We just can't resist

capturing the beauty of the storm,
the only way we know...
so, into the storms we go…
Attempting to see a world of color
through multiple shades of grey…
The search for that perfect shot,
continuing every day…


-Dean Thorpe

"I am a photographer, I don't mean I work as a photographer, its much more than that, it is what I am. I am not saying I am a perfect photographer, I still have a lot more to learn and still get bad photos sometimes, but photography is a HUGE part of my life and I never go anywhere without a camera, just in case!.

I do think there is something very different about the brain of a photographer, who in their right mind travels towards disasters, wars, storms, wild animals and other things that most people run away from. Photographers can find beauty in a cracked window, a crumpled can on a beach or millions of other things that most people would not even notice."

-Dean Thorpe

- Available for Commercial & Editorial Assignments -

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